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Sites supporting British Weights and Measures

Neil Herron    
Metric Martyrs
Active Resistance to Metrication    
English Weights and Measures  
Irish Anti-Metric League  
Inch Perfect  
Americans for Customary Weight and Measure   This is a link to ACWM's Facebook page.
Sites that support compulsory Metric conversion
US Metric Association  
One Metre (Canada)   Site not currently available; if the site author puts it back, please let us know
UK Metric Association  
Metrication Matters (Australia)    
Metric Time Society
La Grande Metrication    
Decimal Time    


Federation of Small Businesses        
Institute of Directors        
National Federation of Meat and Food Traders        
Village Retail Services Association (ViRSA)        
Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue        
Washington International Trade Association        
Network Seafoods        
The Establishment
Department of Transport, Local Government and Regions
British Standards Institution
LACORS (Local Authorities Co-ordinators of Regulatory Services)
London Trading Standards Authorities      
Trading Standards Institute
Trading Standards Central      
UK Weighing Federation
National Weights and Measures Laboratory
Bureau International des Poids et Mesures


Court Service Judgements Database    
House of Commons search engine   A means of retrieving records on all Parliamentary matters, including debates and early day motions.
Office of Public Sector Information    
National Archives Stores the national UK archives, including historical documents on metric. Go to "site search" and search on "metric" to bring up the relevant links.
A Dictionary of Units of Measurement   A compendium of weights and measures, traditional and metric, from all parts of the world, but with emphasis on British, Commonwealth, and American units.
TheConverterSite   TheConverterSite is an online metric and imperial conversion calculator tool

Political Parties and Organisations
Conservative Party  
Labour Party
United Kingdom Independence Party
Liberal-Democratic Party
Liberal Party  
Ashley Mote, MEP  
Campaign for an Independent Britain
New Alliance
UKIP Bromley branch
UKIP West Bournemouth  
UKIP Henley  
One London Group, London Assembly  
Silent Majority Party  

Related issues, or issues of general interest

No2ID Campaigning against the government's planned ID card and the National Identity Register.
Local Government Ombudsman Watch   Exposing the Ombudsman's pro-council bias and its condoning of maladministration
BBC Resistance   Challenging the television licence using legal, political and direct action.
MediaWatch-UK   Providing independent and principled opinion and research on harm and offence issues in the media.
British Declaration of Independence   A campaign to sign up MPs to a British Declaration of Independence, to ensure that Britain's laws are made by Parliament, rather than the European Union.
The Capital News   Newspaper that provides arguments against Britain's membership of the European Union.
The Society of Qualified Archivists   To promote the interests of qualified, professional archivists, the management, custody, conservation, exhibition and use of archives, and to promote the retention of collections in their entirety rather than their splitting up. To discourage the poaching of part or whole collections by national or specialist repositories.
Association of British Counties   The Association of British Counties is a society dedicated to promoting awareness of the continuing importance of the 86 historic (or traditional) Counties of Great Britain.
Campaign against Political Correctness   The Campaign Against Political Correctness believes in free speech and thinks that the silent majority have been left without a voice for too long. It believes that people should be proud to be British and not ashamed to protect Britain's history from those who want to re-write it.
Bahrain resources   The Bahrain Ministry of Commerce and Industry organises the annual Middle East Metrology Conference. Here is a link to Bahrain related news, books and web resources.
Voters Revolt   Aims to focus people’s growing feelings of frustration, hopelessness and resentment at the increasingly alarming powers of the State.
Save Britain's Fish   Dedicated to the repatriation of the UK's Economic Fishing Zone from the EC Common Fisheries Policy. The CFP is responsible for opening British fishing waters to fleets of foreign fishing vessels.
The Bruges Group   Set up in February 1989 to promote the idea of a less centralised European structure than that emerging in Brussels.
The South Molton Declaration   The Declaration was launched in South Molton, Devon on St George's day 1999 after the local MP broke his word to his electorate on his commitment to the British constitution. The Declaration aims to prevent future deception by MPs and recover the democratic rights our MPs have sacrificed in the past.
Democracy Movement    
Libertarian Alliance    
Free Nations    
No Euro   "No" is a non-party political campaign that says "yes to Europe but NO to the euro". It exists to provide facts about the Euro that it believes the British public will be less than likely to receive from the government.
Rip-Off Britain   Gathers information to expose scams and rip-offs by business and government against the British public. Closely examines the reasons why consumers do not get a fair deal, and advocates "consumer power through free speech", an idea originally established by Ralph Nader in the 60's & 70's, and which was successful in changing consumer attitudes in North America.
Planck Units and Metric Reform   A site critical of the metric system, seen as antiquated, poorly suited for scientific work and in need of extensive reform. The site suggests improvements to the metric system aimed at making more of the basic conversion factors decimal and bringing metric units into line with Planck units, the preferred system in some branches of modern physics.
Dozenal Society of Great Britain    
Dozenal Society of America   Founded in the 1930s and incorporated in 1944. A voluntary, non profit, educational corporation, organized for the conduct of research and education of the public in the use of base twelve in numeration, mathematics, weights & measures, & other branches of pure & applied science.
Privacy International    
RE Williams & Sons   We are pleased to include a link to this traditional family-run butchers and catering business. Based in Weobley, Herefordshire, RE Williams offers doorstep local delivery and high quality meat at very reasonable prices.
Cumbrian Rustic of Coniston    

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